Mining Opportunities
Gold found in Black Sand
Correia Mining Company

   Correia Mining Company is Guyana’s premier mining corporation. It has undergone a
process of metamorphosis to become the company that it is today. The whole process
commenced in 1926 when Mr. Manuel Clement Correia decided to invest in the Gold
Mining business. In those days though, gold and diamond mining was risky and hardy. M.
C. Correia stuck to his task, and made a success of the undertaking.

   From that time onward the company had undergone some administrative
transformation and 1995, Correia Mining Company was incorporated. The company is
very vibrant and dynamic, diversifying its activities in response to relevant market forces
and can be considered the hub of the nations most dynamic conglomerate.
Correia Mining Company
159 Charlotte Street, Lacytown, Georgetown
Guyana, South America
Tel: 592 226-0605     Fax: 592 225-1171
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Correia Mining Company
The Correia Group of Companies