In 1951, Mr. Manoel.C. Correia met and sponsored a Czech named Mr. Jose Tesarik with shops
in Orinduik and Maikwak.  Soon, Tesarik was requesting an aircraft of his own to supply the
shops with requisite commodities. So in 1952, with the help of a British firm called A & P
Triefus & Company, Mr. Tesarik went to England and purchased a Cessna - 172.  This
arrangement between M.C. Correia and Mr. Tesarik lasted for five (5) years.

In 1959, Mr. Correia met and sponsored a Polish gentleman named George Golas, to prospect
for diamonds in the Chitigokeng and Kamarang areas, a fleet of three aircraft were acquired for
this project, a Cessna - 180, 172 and an Ireland Wasp, which worked well at first but proved too
distracting for Mr. Correia, whose main focus was diamonds.  He decided to sell his share of the
business to Mr. Golas.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Michael O. Correia Snr, the son of M.C. Correia, formed M.C. Correia
Holdings Ltd and modernised the fleet of aircraft with the introduction of the Britten Norman
Islander and Cessna 206 in support of the growing gold and diamond mining industries.  This
expanded fleet also included a Hughes helicopter, an Amphibian Cessna 185, and a Cessna
337, better known as a Push - Pull.

Mr. Michael O. Correia Jnr further modernised the fleet of aircraft in the 1980's and 1990's.  He
introduced Guyanas first privately owned turbine engine aircraft, the venerable Shorts SC-7
Skyvan.  Three (3) years later in November 1996, the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan was added
to the fleet.

During 1997, Mr. M.O. Correia Jnr teamed up with Mr. Beni Sankar A.A. of Kayman
Sankar Aviation Ltd, to further expand the fleet of aircraft to fifteen (15).

Today, Trans Guyana Airways Ltd remains at the forefront of private sector aviation
development in Guyana.  It is currently the leading domestic scheduled carrier, and it
continues to work closely with Government and regulatory agencies.  Trans Guyana
Airways Ltd remains optimistic about the future of aviation both in Guyana and in the
region, as they chart their course into the 21st century.
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