Trans Guyana Airways Limited. 

Trans Guyana Airways developed out of a need to support a sister company involved in the mining industry of Guyana. Due largely to limited accessibility to mining areas, the mining company became dependent on air transportation. Thus, in 1956, the founder of Trans Guyana Airways, Mr. Manoel Clement Correia purchased his first aircraft, the Ireland Wasp. 

In 1997, the successful merger between Trans Guyana Airways and Kayman Sankar Aviation brought TGA to the forefront of commercial aviation in Guyana. 

Today, TGA regularly services the interior destinations on a scheduled basis, with over 33 flights per week and in excess of 70 interior destinations by way of charter.  We also provide executive charters, VIP facilities and tourist flights. 


Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services

Established as Caribbean Helicopters Ltd in 1991, its primary role was to offer maintenance for its sister company, Trans Guyana Airways Ltd.  In 1995, the company was expanded to form Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Ltd.

CAMS” as we are known in the local Aviation Community offer a wide variety of additional services to support and compliment our maintenance services, these include scheduled maintenance, defect rectification, modifications, avionics upgrades, instrument check calibrations, spares sales and the supply of Aviation Gasoline 100/130 and Aviation Jet Fuel A1 at our fixed base facilities. We operate to the highest international standards. 


Evergreen Adventures Inc. 

Launched in 1996, Evergreen Adventures Inc. is a versatile tour operator that specializes in nature and adventure tourism showcasing Guyana’s natural beauty. Over the years Evergreen Adventures Inc. has gained the accolade of many who describe it to be one of the leading tour operators in Guyana.

Providing you with quality services inclusive of great hospitality, customized packages, competitive prices and a rare multilingual service, we are your guide to exploring an incredibly wonderful land of unspoiled beauty, where virgin rainforests leads to the Amazon basin. A land where the jungle is still unexplored, rivers uncharted and mountains yet to be climbed.


Baganara Island Resort 

In 1989, the Correia family acquired Baganara Island and transformed it to a resort facility. Pre-eminent among the 365 islands on the mighty Essequibo is this wonderful little paradise, which offers you an oasis of tranquility and elegance, with its luxuriously appointed rooms with self-contained amenities and a panoramic view of the mighty Essequibo River. Located 5 miles south of Bartica, it has an ample 17-room capacity and a private airstrip for the discerned traveler.

Baganara Island Resort is a retreat par excellence where private and corporate clientele could escape for physical and mental rejuvenation. If you are planning a conference, executive meeting, staff or family retreat or wedding with a difference, Baganara Island Resort meets your needs perfectly.